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In “The Poetic of Water” collection the human and non-human objects in conjunction with the four elements of water, wind, earth and fire are responsible for creating imagination and meaning. A meaning that is sometimes in the dominance of ascending images and in connection with immortality and sometimes in the dominance of descending images and clinging to the surface of the earth, controlled by linear time, mortal. The sum of these elements in the artist’s imaginary world creates a network of signs whose metaphors and visual expressions are reflected in the elements left in nature, the extensity of light, light’s development on the surface, and the creation of various textures for color grading. In this

In this multiple landscape, the worlds of the visible and the invisible are brought closer by a horizon line and sometimes even go to the threshold of unification, and therefore it can be said that in this collection, the view is the result of living the landscape and becoming one with it.

Sohrab Ahmadi

Art Critic


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